Top 5 Tips for Writing an outstanding Teaching CV

Rick Bowman - Monday, February 18, 2013

The likelihood of an employer choosing your resume over those of other applicants directly depends on how well and quickly you can grab their attention. Here are five tips in writing a high quality teaching CV that will be guaranteed to stand out:

Write all of your available contact information and address at the top

Having a complete list of contact details may not be one of your main considerations but it will provide a positive impression on them. This part of the CV must allow an employer to be able to reach an applicant as fast and as easily as possible. If they are not able to reach you right away, they may consider a different applicant.

Keep your resume brief and to the point

A common mistake in some CVs is the inclusion of irrelevant data. When applying for a government school position, information such as hobbies, interests, political, family and religious information is not necessary. Including this within a resume may be required by some private or catholic schools, however. Remember that, by presenting a certain interest or viewpoint may create a negative impression.

Provide details of your work experience

Most employers will be checking an applicant’s work experience to determine if they are qualified for the job. Some CVs will only include the name of their previous school or institution and the time they worked with them. Having the details of your work experience including your job title and the nature of your job from your previous employment experience can help employers determine your level of qualification and potential for the new position.

Keep your resume layout simple

Your resume doesn’t need to contain a fancy font or other designs to stand out from other CVs. Simply use normal fonts and provide proper spacing for each section of your resume. In the case of your CV, less is more.

Double check your CV

A CV should show an applicant’s professionalism and it should be written accurately. Check your CV for any spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors, or inconsistencies in font size or indentation. Reread your entire resume twice to determine if everything will make sense to an employer on the first read, and if there is anything that is ambiguous or could give the wrong impression. Consider asking another person to read your resume to help you identify and rectify any errors.

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Rick Bowman 

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