How to write a professional teacher resume

Rick Bowman - Monday, February 04, 2013

You resume is your advertisement to employers where you are selling them your expertise, knowledge and potential for the advertised position. Here are a few things to consider when creating your professional teacher’s resume.   

Resume layout

Before writing any information down, you must consider how your resume will be laid out. The information written must be organised and easy to read by the employer. A good rule of thumb for writing any resume is to have your full name and your contact information at the top, perhaps as a header.  This will allow the reader to be able to easily identify your resume and contact you if they want to follow up on your application.

Resume objective

Most resumes present a very generic objective at the beginning. Rather than writing what everyone else writes, consider presenting some special qualities and attributes that stand you aside from the rest of the applicant field.  A good objective should state what makes you suited for the job and projects you into the new role.

Work history

This is one of the selling points of a resume as your educational experience will be examined thoroughly by the employer. Include the details of your education and training, including relevance to the subject/s you are teaching and how long you have been teaching them. If you worked for a non-educational institution, include any relevant details in your resume, especially indicating skills that are transferable to an educational setting.

College degrees and educational attainment

This is the second factor of your resume which the employer will be focusing on. Include the relevant degrees, diplomas and certificates you have attained as well as any further training you have received. Include a brief explanation as to how the workshop or training experience can be of benefit to your new role.

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 Rick Bowman

How a well written Resume gives you the Professional Edge

Rick Bowman - Monday, January 28, 2013

A professionally written resume will give you the edge you need to maximise the likelihood of success when applying for a position in education. Below are some things to consider in writing professional resumesfor teachers.

Make your intent clear

If you are applying for a specific teaching job, your resume should include the position for which you are applying. This will help the employer to know you are determined to obtain the job position you want. A resume that doesn’t state which position they are applying for may create a negative impression for some employers. Try to project yourself into the role and give the employer something to make yourself stand out.

Provide details on your work history

Most applicants simply include only the name of the company, school or institution they worked for as well as the title of their job position/s. A good professional resume will include the details of an applicant’s work history. They should state the nature and details of their previous position which will inform the employer as to the applicant’s suitability for the job.

Highlight your educational attainment

Employers will be looking for anything that can make an applicant stand out from other applicants, including their education and degrees they have attained. Listing any professional licences, diplomas, awards or certificates will make a resume stand out. A good way to highlight every educational attainment is stating how relevant each attainment is for the job position an applicant is applying for.

List additional contact information and a permanent address

Listing any available contact information (phone numbers, email) and your address will be beneficial for both the applicant and the employer. Giving more options for an employer to contact an applicant as well as their physical address creates a more positive impression.

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 Rick Bowman