Interview Skills Package for Teachers and Aspiring School Leaders Worldwide
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Interview Skills Package for Teachers and Aspiring School Leaders Worldwide

Price: $50.00 AUD (no tax)

Our new $50 INTERVIEW SKILLS PACKAGE FOR TEACHERS WORLDWIDE  is a highly acclaimed package suitable for all educators aspiring to positions such as
  • Principal
  • Senior positions e.g. Deputy Principal, Assistant Principal, Vice Principal, Dean of Upper School etc
  • Middle management positions e.g. Head of Department, Head of Faculty, Head of House, Subject Coordinator
  • Classroom Teacher
The package (eight documents in total: a booklet and PowerPoint specific to each of the four levels - Principal, Senior Management, Middle Management and Classroom Teacher) - will provide you with all the skills and background knowledge needed for a highly successful interview. Included in the package you will find:
  • Many strategies that you can use to prepare for your interview well before the day.
  • Ideas for presenting examples that will show the panel not only your valuable experience, but will also convince them of your potential for the new job.
  • Hints for conducting yourself during the interview - everything from speech to body language.
  • Valuable ideas for analysing questions and responding in the most effective manner.
  • Key strategies for the most crucial part of your interview - the closure.
  • Samples of interview questions
  • Other types of interview strategies - e.g. in-tray activities, roleplays, presentations, case studies, scenarios. 

 Also available is a FULL SCHOOL SITE LICENCE at $150.

Price: $50.00 AUD (no tax)

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