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Qld Workshops for Application Writing & Interview

At these highly interactive workshops, you will:

  • Develop a clear understanding of the process of preparing a top quality written application comprising an eye-catching résumé (CV) and dynamic selection criteria
  • Understand the key focus points of Leadership Matters and learn how to integrate these, together with other key documents such as the Strategic Plan and Every Student Succeeding, into your selection criteria; and
  • Gain some excellent hints and ideas for preparing for the all-important interview, including first-hand experience at a mock-interview with a question tailored specifically for you, at the level to which you aspire.

The workshops are ideal for teachers aspiring to the level of:

  • Head of Department
  • Deputy Principal
  • Principal
  • Head of Curriculum
  • Head of Special Education Services

The workshops comprise two sessions:

The morning session takes participants through all you need to know to present the best possible three-page CV (résumé) and the four selection criteria. This session also looks at the layout and style of criteria, discusses language with impact and the presentation of outcomes. You’ll also cover the belief statement, the potential statement and the all-important Supervisor’s Report.

In the afternoon session, you will receive valuable information relating to strategies you can use to maximise your interview performance – beginning with tips on planning well ahead of the day, right through to effectively closing the interview. The afternoon session concludes with each participant taking part in a mock-interview before a panel of three, with immediate feedback. This is the ideal launching pad to help you develop and refine your interview performance and turn it into a winning presentation.

$399 including GST

We can also invoice your school rather than take payment online. Please telephone 0411245415 for this option.


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