WA - Application Writing and Interview Package (Classroom Teachers and Promotions Positions) - Site Licence
WA - Application Writing and Interview Package (Classroom Teachers and Promotions Positions) - Site Licence
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WA - Application Writing and Interview Package (Classroom Teachers and Promotions Positions) - Site Licence

Price: $399.00 inc GST

The Full Package comprises

  • The Package for teachers aspiring to Promotions Positions
  • The Package for aspiring classroom teachers - this package follows the new format which requires teachers to write a cover letter addressing the seven National Professional Standards for Teachers

For each of the above two packages, there are two attachments – a detailed booklet and a PowerPoint show. This package provides a school with a full Site Licence for all teachers to use both packages both at school or at home.

Our Online Packages will:

  • Assist you to gain a clear understanding of how to prepare your résumé (CV) and covering letter incorporating the selection criteria (or, if a teaching position, the seven Standards),
  • Provide you with examples of a completed CV and completed covering letter as a guideline to help make your written application one of exceptional standard; and
  • Give you a detailed understanding of the interview process, together with many handy hints, sample questions and interview instruments.

This comprehensive package consists of:

  • Two 50+ page downloadable booklets (one for aspiring leaders focussing on selection criteria, one for aspiring teachers focussing on the seven National Teaching Standards) 
  • Two detailed PowerPoint presentations (one for aspiring leaders, one for aspiring teachers) 

The packages provide aspiring leaders and teachers in Western Australian government schools with some very useful hints, examples and strategies including:

  • Developing your CV (résumé) – critically important, as this is the first evidence of your capabilities and potential.
  • Preparing your cover letter to incorporate the selection criteria/National Standards and provide a window of your potential in the new role. This is vitally important as panels are continually asking the question “What can this applicant bring to our school?”
  • Preparing for the interview - there are many things you can do well before the day.
  • Conducting the interview - how to interpret and answer the different styles of questions.
  • Closing the interview - how to convince the panel that you're the one.
  • Understanding the different types of interview instruments used by panels.

The Package is designed specifically for teachers in the WA government system aspiring to:

  • Classroom Teacher
  • Principal
  • Deputy Principal
  • Head of Department
  • Head of Learning Area
  • Program Coordinator

This product includes a full school Site Licence for use of these products by all teaching staff in the school, either in school or at home. Your school-specific site licence will be emailed to you shortly after purchase.

Price: $399.00 inc GST

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