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Résumé & Interview Packages for aspiring leaders & permanent classroom teachers.

Teachers’ Professional Résumés specialise in providing expert assistance for résumés, selection criteria and job applications exclusively for educators across all states of Australia.

Whether you are a new graduate, a casual teacher seeking permanency, or an experienced teacher or leader looking for promotion, our professional support will maximise your chances of receiving an interview and, ultimately, winning the position.

Teachers’ Professional Résumés has been supporting teachers in government, independent and catholic schools since 1990. We have worked with thousands of education professionals across Australia and overseas as they have embarked on the challenging pathway of furthering their careers.

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NSW workshops for DoE applicants

Our hands-on, full day workshops cover the entire process of applying for promotion or permanency in the NSW Department of Education.

  1. How to prepare a top quality written application ;

  2. Effectively present the six general criteria and position criteria;

  3. Understand and integrate the key NSW documents and frameworks into your criteria;

  4. First-hand experience at a mock-interview; and 

  5. Receive 6 hours’ NESA accreditation.

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