Online Store Refund Policy


This policy does not replace any rights you may have under Australian consumer law. It applies to products you can purchase directly through our online store and does not refer to services negotiated and paid for separately.

Online packages

Our online resume packages (digital products) are non-refundable items.

  • We cannot provide refunds for digital products if you choose the wrong product or decide you no longer require it after purchase.

  • Our digital products are provided in standard formats, readily accessible on the widest range of computers and devices. It’s your responsibility to ensure you have the software required and we cannot provide a refund due to compatibility issues. Our Help section contains instructions and links for using our files.

  • If a file is corrupted during download or the download link has expired, you can request a new copy to be sent to you by email.

  • You’re responsible for saving the downloaded files to a safe place and making any backups.

Workshop tickets

  • If we have to cancel a workshop, we will refund your ticket in full.

  • We do not normally offer refunds if you simply change your mind or can no longer attend the workshop. If you’re in this situation, please contact us as soon as possible.