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We also provide individual assistance to create your written application - CV, cover letter, selection criteria - All schools and systems - Australia and overseas. Outstanding success rate! 
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Expecting an interview?

Are you an aspiring school leader anywhere in the world? Or perhaps seeking a classroom teaching position? Prepare and deliver an outstanding interview presentation with our dynamic, comprehensive $50 Interview Package (Booklet & PowerPoint).

Welcome to Teachers' Professional Résumés

Whether you are applying for a promotions position or a classroom teaching position, Teachers’ Professional Résumés can provide the advice and support you need.

Teachers’ Professional Résumés has been supporting teachers in government, independent and catholic schools since 1990. We have worked with thousands of education professionals across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, the US and the UK as they have embarked on the challenging pathway of furthering their careers.

Our résumé packages

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Teachers seeking promotion

Online packages for teachers seeking promotion focusing on the written application and preparing for the  interview.

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Other staff seeking promotion

Online packages for administrative and non-teaching staff seeking promotion focusing on résumé development, selection criteria and interview preparation.

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Application writing & interview workshops

These hands-on, detailed workshops cover the entire process of applying for promotion. For NSW and QLD applicants only.

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One-on-one assistance

One-on-one assistance and support for all professionals seeking promotion regardless of location or education system.

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