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How many people usually attend the workshops?

Numbers are capped at around 15, to maximise interaction and provide an environment that encourages dialogue and inclusiveness.

Are the workshops tailored to specific levels – i.e. Principal, Deputy Principal, Subject Head/HT/HOD?

The workshops are inclusive of all levels. With smaller numbers participating, we can ensure that the workshops meet the specific needs of every participant, regardless of the level of promotion being sought.

Is there any follow-up support following the workshop?

Participants are encouraged to keep in touch by phone or email, and are most welcome to contact us with any questions relating to, for example, in which criterion to position a particular example. We can also critique your application once you commence the writing process.

What if, after doing the workshop, I’m still struggling?

This is very unusual, as 99% of participants come away with a thorough understanding of the style, language, layout and content for their CV/résumé and selection criteria. However, if you still need professional support in writing to criteria after the workshop, we can provide this service at a fee that is negotiated individually.

Online packages

What does the Online Package consist of?

When you purchase the Online Package, you download two documents – a detailed booklet full of valuable information, hints and samples of completed résumés and criteria, and a PowerPoint show. The package provides expert guidance in putting together your written application and preparing for the interview. It explains the different types of interview, with advice on how to interpret questions and construct a positive response and closure.

These two documents are initially contained within a single "ZIP" file but easily separated for you to view. Read how to use a ZIP file.

I've paid for my Online Package, now how do I download the documents?

You should have received an email receipt for your purchase. If you haven't received this email, please first check your Spam or Junk email folders, then contact us to send another.

In the email, you'll see a table of details of the product(s) you purchased. To download the package file, click on the name of the Product on the left-hand side. This will usually be a blue, underlined link.

Choose to save the file somewhere on your computer where you can find it later.

The file will be a "zip" file and will need to be "unzipped" before you can access the PDF and PowerPoint inside. If you don't already know how to do this, please read on to the next Help question...

How do I use the ZIP file I downloaded?

A zip file is like a folder; it's a container holding the PDF and PowerPoint file included in the package. To "unzip" the file and view the documents, you will need a program on your computer that can do this. Many computers will have a program called WinZip or WinRAR.

To check if you have one of these programs and use it to "unzip" the file:

1. Download the file from the payment receipt you received via email. Save it somewhere on your computer that you can find later.

2. Find the file in My Documents, My Computer or Windows Explorer.

3. Right-click on the file and look for one of the following options:
    "Extract Here" or "WinZip"

4. a) If you can see "Extract Here", click that option.

4. b) If you can see "WinZip", hover over that option to get a "pop out" menu and choose "Extract to here" from that menu.

4. c) If you do not see either of these options, you can download a free program called 7-Zip. Download it here.

Once you have installed that program, right-click on the file again and look for an option called "7-Zip". Hover over that option to open a new menu and click the option "Extract Here".

5. Whichever option you choose, the package's files will then become visible in the same folder in which you saved the original zip file.

If you have any difficulties unzipping the file, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we can check your order and provide each file individually.

I live in Victoria and am applying for a Leading Teacher position in the government system. Will the Online Package help?

There is an Online Package available to teachers in Victorian government schools, tailored specifically to the unique requirements of the Victorian selection and recruitment system.

I am hoping to apply for a position in a private (Anglican) school in Adelaide, as Head of Science. Is there a package to help me?

Available for purchase is our suite of packages for teachers aspiring to leadership roles at all levels (middle management, senior management and principal) in the independent and catholic sectors. There is a package specially tailored for Middle Management positions which will guide you through the entire process of developing your cover letter, writing an effective CV and crafting selection criteria (if required). The package also enables you to prepare to deliver a dynamic, highly effective interview performance.