Become a Leader in Australian Education: First Step is Your Resume

Rick Bowman - Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Every successful teaching job starts with a well written resume. This includes any Australian teaching position. Read on to find out how your Australian teacher’s resume is your first step to becoming a leader in education.

The employers’ side

When a company or institution is looking to hire new employees, the hiring manager will only have a minimum amount of time to skim through all of the resumes of applicants. The hiring manager will only look for the most significant information within all of the resumes and most likely skip any information that isn’t relevant.

The cover letter of the application is almost always the most important part of a resume. This is the first thing an employer will see before your resume. A good cover letter can capture the attention of the employer which may increase the overall appeal of your resume.

As mentioned before, the employer will only look for the most significant information within your email or letter depending on the nature of the job. For example, a school who is hiring a teacher will only look for the applicant’s job experience and education found within their resume. For some employers, they will be looking for other specific information including age, gender, permanent address or major achievements of the applicant.

Benefits of a professionally written resume

Most university graduates might commit certain mistakes when they create their first resume. In addition, they might not be able to notice the mistake they have done and will most likely not receive the chance to be interviewed by the company or school to which they are applying.

Teachers who are applying for a job in a certain state for the first time may encounter problems with the state’s criteria or unique selection and recruitment requirements. Failing to understand the criteria may lessen the chance for an applicant to receive the job position. 

Professional resume writers and advisors, like those at Teacher Professional Resumes, can help create a quality resume that is truly eye-catching for any state or school within Australia and overseas. The writers know the most common mistakes to avoid when writing a resume. Depending on the state and school a teacher is applying for, they will understand the criteria an applicant must know to increase their chance of getting hired. They can also write a very eye-catching cover letter to give your resume some much needed attention.

When you are planning on applying for a teaching job, consider Teacher Professional Resumes to help you with your resume to get you started on the road to being a top Australian educator.

Rick Bowman 

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