WA - Application Writing and and Interview Package - Promotions Positions
WA - Application Writing and and Interview Package - Promotions Positions
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WA - Application Writing and and Interview Package - Promotions Positions

Price: $135.00 inc GST

The Full Package comprises two documents – a detailed booklet and a PowerPoint show, for use by one individual.

Our Online Packages for teachers aspiring to leadership positions in WA government schools will:

  • Assist you to gain a clear understanding of how to prepare your résumé (CV) and covering letter incorporating the selection criteria,
  • Provide you with examples of a completed CV, completed covering letter and selection criteria as a guideline to help make your written application one of exceptional standard; and
  • Give you a detailed understanding of the interview process, together with many handy hints, sample questions and interview instruments.

This comprehensive package consists of:

  • A 60-page downloadable booklet
  • A detailed PowerPoint presentation

It provides aspiring leaders in Western Australian government schools with some very useful hints, examples and strategies including:

  • Developing the CV (résumé) – critically important, as this is the first evidence of your capabilities and potential.
  • Preparing your cover letter to incorporate the selection criteria and provide a window of your potential in the new role. This is vitally important as panels are continually asking the question “What can this applicant bring to our school?”
  • Preparing for the interview - there are many things you can do well before the day.
  • Conducting the interview - how to interpret and answer the different styles of questions.
  • Closing the interview - how to convince the panel that you're the one.
  • Understanding the different types of interview instruments used by panels.

This package is designed specifically for the WA government system seeking promotion to:

  • Principal
  • Deputy Principal
  • Head of Department
  • Head of Learning Area
  • Program Coordinator

"I purchased the package earlier this year and used it to support my application for HoLA. The package had some really useful suggestions and I found the section on interviews particularly helpful. By the way, my application was successful."


David Stalker

Woodvale High School

Price: $135.00 inc GST

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